Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Shimla That You Should Not Miss

places to visit in Shimla

As you already know that India itself is a very diverse country and it has many things to offer you with. Shimla is said to be one of the favorite holiday spots of India and every year people from all over India as well as from outside India visit this place. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh which is situated in the northern part of the country so the climate there is cool throughout the year and during winters you world be able to enjoy snowfall at the place. If you are determined to be in Shimla for your next holiday vacation then you might want to know about the top places of the city so here are some of the best places to visit in Shimla that you should not miss anyhow:

The Ridge of Shimla:

The Ridge of Shimla: places to visit in Shimla


This particular place in the city is very well known for the government organized fairs as well as programs. All the major celebration or function of the city mainly takes place in this place only and the summer festival that takes place in the place is the most popular festival that you need to check. Though you can visit the place at any time of the year as there is always some kind of fair or celebration going on in the place if you would visit the place in the month of May to June then you would be able to witness the most amazing summer festival of the place.


Kufri: places to visit in Shimla


If you are a nature admirer then visiting this place would be counted as your best even memories. The place is famous for the beautiful surrounding as well the mesmerizing view that the place offers with. Gazing through the snowy place as well as trees is not less than a treat to watch. Do not forget to click pictures while you are in this place as this place is considered as Switzerland in India. You can enjoy many adventure snow sports at the Kufri hill such as hiking as well as skiing. Winters are the best time to be in this place as it is the time when all the hills get covered in snow. Do not forget to pre-book the hotel as winter makes the place a bit crowded.

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Green Valley:

Green Valley: places to visit in Shimla


Not every part f Shimla is covered in snow and the green valley is one of them. The place is truly covered in greenery as the name suggests and it is one of the favorite tourist spots of Shimla. You would be amazed to know that this place has been showing in many Bollywood movies because of the beautiful scenario that the place offers with. There you would be able to see that every slop cut of the hill is covered with lots of green trees which make the place worth visiting and do not forget to click lots of pictures once you are in this green valley. You should visit the place either during the summertime or during the monsoon time as this place looks even more beautiful during these times.

Jakhoo Hill:

Jakhoo Hill: places to visit in Shimla


This hill is considered the highest spot in the entire city and the place is so divinely beautiful that you would enjoy every second of the trip. The whole place is covered with Alpine trees and once you reach up to the top flat surface of the place you would be able to visit the Jakho temple where God hanuman is being worshiped who is considered a very powerful god according to Hindu rituals. This place would fill your mind with some peace and there you would be able to spend some quiet time. The place is great for hiking and you can also click some pictures with an awesome background. This temple is though open throughout the year but if you want to enjoy the atmosphere as well as a natural view of the place then consider visiting the place during the winter months.

Himalayan Bird Park:

Himalayan Bird Park: places to visit in Shimla


This tourist place is the most visited as well as a crowded place in the city. This place is truly a heaven for all the bird watchers as well as lovers. You can capture some beautiful birds in your camera as well as on your phone through pictures. The best thing about this bird park is that there are some awesome varieties of birds that are not present anywhere else in the country. You can visit the place anytime in the year but summers are the time when most birds appear at the place.

These were the few best places to visit in Shimla that you should not miss visiting while you are in Shimla for the holidays. To explore more places like above, keep visiting Travelila!!

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