Best Places To Visit In Malaysia: Make Your Journey Beautiful

best place to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is no doubt truly Asia and you can get some amazing places to visit in this country. Malaysia has got so many places that one cannot cover it entirely in one or two visits so before you be there in the country you need to make a list of the best places to visit in Malaysia where you cannot simply miss visiting. If you are the one who has decided to be on a holiday and have chosen this beautiful country as your destination holiday visit then you have already made a good decision so far and to make your holiday successful here is the list of top places in Malaysia where you need to check-in while you are in Malaysian trip and also you can get more listing of places at Travelila and make your list prominent so that you don’t have to face any problem while you are in your destination:


Penang: best place to visit in Malaysia


Penang is said to be the most famous as well as most visited tourist attraction of the country where you need to have a visit. Here you can enjoy some delicious street food of the place and enjoying the delicacies at the place is something that you should not miss to experience. You can also make a visit to Kek Lok Si temple that is nearby the place and while you are there you can do some shopping of local goods. This is basically a modern city which actually represents the tourist center of the country where you can be in.


Melaka: best place to visit in Malaysia


This is another world-famous place here which is recorded as the world-historical place by UNESCO and it a few hours far from Penang so while you make a visit there you can visit both the places together. This place has got some very interesting historical sites that you can consider visiting while you are on a Malaysian trip. While you are here you can enjoy some chicken rice ball that is a delicacy at the place and this dish would definitely please anyone with great taste. The Jonker night market, on the other hand, is very rich with their variety of different products that you can consider buying from there.


Ipoh: best place to visit in Malaysia


If you want to have some peace of mind then you can consider this place to have your holiday sorted while you are in Malaysia and being it an offbeat place so there won’t be much crowd. Apart from the natural view of the place you can enjoy the amazing food that the place offers with. Even Malaysian people used to hit this place on weekends in order to get the best taste of the local delicacy of the place. Here you would be able to know a bit about the Hakka community so every history lover would love the place for sure.

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Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur: best place to visit in Malaysia


The place where the twin tower is situated and needs to be at the top of your must-visit list while you are on a Malaysian trip. It is the capital city of the country and is technologically advanced as well as developed. While you are here you simply cannot miss clicking some amazing pictures standing in front of the twin tower. While you are here you can enjoy some time at the local market and you can even check in to the shopping mall as well. Here you would be able to have many other delicacies from different countries that top-notch restaurants would serve with.


Kuching: best place to visit in Malaysia


This place is considered as the forgotten beauty of the place and it is in the eastern portion of the country. Though the area often is untouched the place has many great things to serve the visitors with. Leksa, as well as kolo mee, are well-known food items that you need to try while you are here in Malaysia as these dishes are said to be the best food in the place. This place has got many museums such as Sarawak as well as Chinese museum that you must check out and if you are a history lover then you would love this place for sure.

Genting highlands:

Genting highlands: best place to visit in Malaysia


This place is located at Pahang which is said to be the most visited place in the country and people often consider staying around this place while they visit Malaysia. Snow world, Arena of Stars, Ripley’s believe it or not exhibitions are some of the amazing places that you simply cannot miss to check out. The visit to this single place can make your Malaysian tour complete.

Bukit Tinggi:

Bukit Tinggi: best place to visit in Malaysia


This place is also located at Pahang so while you visit Genting highlands you can have a visit to this place as well. This place is not less than a heaven for foodies as this place offers some amazing delicacies and while you are here you need to taste. Here you can also learn the world-famous art of Japanese tea making which is a fun part of this tour.


Legoland: best place to visit in Malaysia


This place is a theme park which is located at Johor and long back it was the only theme park present at entire eastern Asia. The beauty of this museum would make you love the place and you would be mesmerized by the view of the building as it so well constructed. There you would be able to check out many ancient monuments as well as historical residue.

Port Dickson:

Port Dickson: best place to visit in Malaysia


If you are a beach lover then this place which is near Negeri Sembilan would please you with its beauty. The art gallery which is upside down cape a Machado lighthouse, army museum, etc is some attractions apart from the beach that you need to visit while you are here. Here you can see some amazing turtle hatching that takes place in the aquarium.

Mount Kinabalu:

Mount Kinabalu: best place to visit in Malaysia


If you are a mountain lover and love chilly places then you need to hit this place while you are in Malaysia. The flora, as well as the fauna of this place, would definitely make love the place, and if you are lucky enough then you can even spot some unique plantations as well as animals of the place. Hiking as well as site viewing has to be the best thing that you can do there. Do not forget to click pictures while you spot something unique and have them as a memory for a lifetime.

These were some of the best places to visit in Malaysia that you need to check out and while you are in Malaysia do not forget to visit these places. Thank you for visiting Travelila. Have a happy journey!

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