Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Agra That You Should Check Out

places to visit in Agra

Indian love visiting Agra which is a small place in Uttar Pradesh for their holidays. The place has many things to offer you and the place has secured many historical buildings. As well as monuments of ancient India which would tell you a lot about Indian history. Well, it is not really possible to cover every attraction of the place in just one holiday. If you are in the place then here are some of the best places to visit in Agra that you should not miss visiting even if you are don’t have that much time then also these places should be on your must-visit list:

Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal: places to visit in Agra


Taj Mahal has to be at top of the must-visit list of Agra as it is the seventh wonder of the world. It is so beautiful that after the construction Shahjahan cut off the thumb of all the workers who build this monument. So that a second taj mahal could not be built.

Taj mahal is proof of the love that was between the Mughal king Shahjahan and Mumtaz. This monument is entirely built up of white marble which makes it look absolutely stunning. It is said that the body of the begum Mumtaz has been buried in the center part of the monument. The design of the monument is a beautiful blend of Mughal as well as Persian architecture. The tomb of the monument is said to be the most attractive part of the building.

During the full moon nights, the place looks at its best. This place is open to the public from sunrise and closes while sunsets. But avoid being there on Fridays as it remains closed on Friday. Do not forget to click lots of pictures there and collect memories. It is the best place for a honeymoon all the time!! 

Jama Masjid:

Jama Masjid: places to visit in Agra

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Jama masjid is a worship place of Muslims. It is one of the most crowding places in Agra after the Taj Mahal. The structure of this masjid is no doubt eye catchy as well as very beautiful. This would fill your mind with peace. You would be amazed to know that the original name of this beautiful masjid is Masjid Jahan Numa.

This masjid is so huge in an area that even 25,000 people at a time can be in the place for prayer purposes. There are 4 towers in the masjid and there are two 40 meters long towers on two sides of the masjid. While you are in the place you can also visit Agra Fort which is in the east of this masjid. Avoid being there on Fridays as it remains closed on Fridays apart from that this Masjid remains open after sunrise to sunset.

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Wildlife SOS:

Wildlife SOS: places to visit in Agra


If you are an animal lover then you need to visit this place as it is an animal rescue and development center that is located at the center of Agra. This animal rescue center was built in the year 1995 by some animal activists. Till now this animal rescue, as well as the development center, is working pity well. Rescuing the animals and keeping them safe and away from the danger.

There you will be able to see some elephants, tigers as well as sloth bears and do not forget to click lots of pictures of the animals at the place. You can even feed those animals which is definitely a fun part of the trip. This place is perfect for a picnic. You can even take your kids over the place and let them know about the animals.

Mehtab Bagh:

Mehtab Bagh: places to visit in Agra


Well, you can be in this place while you are going to visit the Taj Mahal. This beautiful garden is right in front of the Taj Mahal premises. This garden is situated just beside the Yamuna River. This garden is hand-made with all the hand-planted trees as well as plants at the place. The beautiful view of the garden makes it perfect for a picnic. You can even click lots of pictures while you are in this garden.

Visit the place while the sun is out at night time. As you may not be able to observe the beauty of the place. You can visit the place by riding a ferry from the Taj Mahaj crossing the Yamuna River. The beauty, as well as a plantation of the place restoring by archeological survey of India in a periodical interval.

These were some of the best places to visit in Agra that you should never miss visiting while you are in Agra. Thank you for visiting Travelila. Have a happy journey!!

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