Some Of The Best Place To Stargaze In United States

Best Place To Stargaze In United States

Have you ever imagined how beautiful it would be to have your partner’s hand on your hand and darkness everywhere with the sky full of stars? The thought of such a scene would mesmerize you for sure and this is how you would be able to share your time witnessing a million-star place instead of a 5-star hotel. These places can be very romantic for a date and at the same time, you would get inner peace in these places.

If you stay in the US then you are already lucky as the place has got some best places to stargaze and even if you are not from the U.S then also you can consider visiting these places if you ever visit the US. If you are wondering about some of the Best Places to Stargaze in the US then here are some of them listed below that you can check out and witness such beauty of the night sky at the same time:

Arches National Park

Best Place To Stargaze In United States


This stargazing park is located at Moab which comes under Utah and this is one of the best places to be in for gazing at the night sky so that you could witness some stars and believe it or not this is the best ever feeling that you would experience there in this park. This place is situated in a desert and is not even close to the city and this is the reason that it is the favorite spot for couples as they can stay here for a while undisturbed.

To visit the place you can travel through a cab from Moab and you can even stay at a hotel in Moab so that being in this place could be easy for you. Here you would be able to get a clear glimpse of stars and if you are lucky enough then you would also be able to witness some shooting star at the place which appears so beautiful.


Best Place To Stargaze In United States: Maunakea


This place is situated at Big Island which comes under Hawaii and this place is actually on an active volcanic mountain that is about 4,000 meters above sea level. Here you can reach up to the top level to stargaze and if you would be able to hike up then you would get a great experience and if you are not into hiking that much then you can take a car to reach up to a perfect place so that you can peacefully witness the stars in the dark sky.

Here you would have to keep some times in your hand so that you can enjoy every bit of this place and as this place is quite huge so it would take time to cover but as soon as you would find your perfect place to gaze at those stars, you can simply stop there and spend your rest of the time there at that place.

Drive here only if you are a pro otherwise accident can take place since the path is quite risky so it is always better to get a pro local driver so that you could reach up safely. As the height increases the crowd decreases so you can go to the highest point to feel the empty space and the sky full of stars.

Big Bend National Park

Best Place To Stargaze In United States: Big Bend National Park


People say that things are big in Texas and this place in Texas is proof as it would get you is a huge area so that you could witness the star-filled sky. This place is best for a romantic date with the love of your life and if you want to surprise your love then just take her/him to this place and your time would be made.

This place doesn’t have that much light pollution so viewing from that point is very relaxing and easy at the same time. if you are Planning for Your Honeymoon to the US then consider counting this place in your list and you would have your best time spend here gazing at the night sky with your life partner, life is so good in this way right?

Denali National Park

Best Place To Stargaze In United States: Denali National Park


This place is located in Denali which comes under Alaska and this place is again a great place to experience stargazing. Here this place has something more to offer than just stargazing as here you would be able to witness some amazing light reflections which make the sky even prettier.

The best time to be there in the wintertime as summer makes the place bright so you would not be able to have clear visions of the star even in the night sky whereas winter would make your visit worth it as you would be able to enjoy every bit of your trip during the chilly wintertime.

Dark Sky Park Michigan is also a very nice place to be in for stargazing and this place is so relaxing that would be lost in your thoughts while you would be there.

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Best Place To Stargaze In United States


These were some of the Best Places to Stargaze in the US that you can consider visiting and you can know more about such places at Travelila.

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