Best Day Trips From Orlando: Travel Less Visit More

Best Day Trips From Orlando

Day trips are always fun but it is more fun when you are going for day trips where you have to travel less and visit more places. Orlando is one of such places where you can have some great day trips with beautiful and surprising views backed with some great adventure where you can go in less than 2 hours travel. Here is Travelila listing Best Day Trips from Orlando.

Crystal River Springs

Best Day Trips From Orlando: Crystal River Springs


This place is heaven for those who love wildlife and love to know about them. You can have some thrilling experience by a face-to-face underwater encounter with an endangered 1,500-pound West Indian manatee. This place is a gem and a delight for photographers and nature lovers. Manatees are present in a huge volume at Three Sisters Springs while you can also go hiking for about 7 miles. Crystal River is one of the very few places where you can swim with Manatee- The sea cows. You can also visit Blue Spring State Park which is about 50 minutes from Orlando to see more Manatee.

Kennedy Space Center

Best Day Trips From Orlando


Kennedy space center is less than an hour’s ride from Orlando. Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral is the place having the largest collection of rockets and space equipment. You can also learn new things along with a fun time. The place is equipped with rocket exhibits and launch pads, astronaut encounters, 3D IMAX films, and a poignant memorial to NASA’s fallen heroes. Famous attractions here include Shuttle Launch Experience; the 30-minute Rocket Garden tour; and the two-hour bus tour of the Kennedy Space Center.

Daytona Beach

Best Day Trips From Orlando


Get ready for some beachside action at Daytona Beach. A trip to Orlando is incomplete without visiting Daytona Beach where you can spend the day soaking up the sun and surf. Daytona Beach is the birthplace of NASCAR racing and is a kind of spring-breakers haunt nowadays. This is one of those few beaches where you can drive along. Famous attractions here include Bike Week in March, Biketoberfest in October, and Daytona 500 in February.

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Best Day Trips From Orlando: Miami


Miami is not a new name for travelers and even for those who have not visited Orlando. Even if Miami is the longest day trip from Orlando you won’t afford to miss visiting this place. Miami is also called a Home of the millionaires and it is clearly evident. You can experience some exciting things from the skyscrapers to the beach with some excellent dining options and a beautiful beach. This place is as glamorous as beautiful thus making a balance between simplicity and glamour. You can also visit Bayside Marketplace, an open-air mall to have some cool shopping.

Legoland Florida

Best Day Trips From Orlando: Legoland Florida


Returning from Orlando without visiting a theme park? It is not acceptable at all. Do visit Legoland Florida, the famous theme park, expanded over 150 acres and just an hour away from downtown Orlando. The place is equipped with over 50 rides, some great live shows, a water park, a wave pool, a water slide, and a botanical garden. Also, it has some DUPLO-themed area for toddlers.

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