8 Must-Have Compact Cameras For Travel Lovers

Best Travel Camera 2021

Traveling and not clicking photos is something that is unbelievable. Photos are the best souvenir you can get back from a trip. Why? Because they will make you remember the trip every time you will see the pictures. If you are a travel lover or love traveling your first concern would be the Best Compact Travel Cameras. Though you will be having the best smartphone of all still the detailed and clear pictures the digital camera can take are incomparable to those with smartphones.

These days no one likes to carry heavy cameras on the trip. Everyone is looking for the Best Compact Camera For Travel so that they don’t have to hassle about handling the camera on the whole trip. But the quality that DSLR delivers in the photo cannot be compared to the compact camera. But the mirrorless camera can be considered as a substitute for a DSLR. They give relatively better quality than compact cameras. So here we are sharing some of the Best Travel Camera 2019 that are compact and good for travel photography.

But before getting to the main topic we would like to discuss the important features to see before buying a camera for your travel. They are:-

Image Quality

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Finer image quality comes on the top of the list while looking at the features of the camera. If the camera doesn’t have a better image quality you won’t be able to click the mesmerizing view you saw. The bigger the sensor the better will be the quality of the picture. It is quite difficult to get a bigger sensor in compact cameras, the only you have is mirrorless cameras.

Zooming Range

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Zooming range is a must to be considered while selecting the camera so that you can get The Perfect Shot of a beautiful sunset or the art you created at the beach. To click the shot of those mountains at a distance or delicious cuisine you are having.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the camera should be as per your convenience. After all, you have to travel with it. You will be carrying it to every place you will be exploring. And remember to carry a bag so that it will be easier for you to carry it.

These were the main three features to consider while purchasing a travel camera. Other features include video quality if you are a vlogger then it can be your foremost priority, it’s weatherproofing, the Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, and many more.

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Best Compact Travel Cameras

The 8 best compact camera to carry for traveling are mentioned below.

1. Sony Rx100 V

It is a professional point and shot camera and also pocket-friendly i.e., it can fit into a pocket easily because of its compact design.

Best Travel Camera 2019

Sensor Size:- 1”

Zooming Range:- 24-70mm

Weight:- 10.6 OZ

Megapixels:- 20 MP

2. Sony A6500

Sony A6500 is a mirrorless camera that can shoot your travel video in 4K resolution and it also has a touchscreen. It has an in-built flash and it can be carried in a pocket due to its compact design. The only limitation is the limited battery life.

Best Travel Camera 2019

Sensor Size:- APS-C (23.6 X 15.6 mm)

Zooming Range:- various lenses

Weight:- 11.25 OZ

Megapixels:- 24 MP

3. Canon G7 X

It is another compact camera but it has fewer high-end features. Though it can be perfect for you if you are a YouTuber or a Vlogger. It can shot a better video with better audio quality.

Best Travel Camera 2019

Sensor Size:- 1”

Zooming Range:- 24-100mm

Weight:- 11.25 OZ

Megapixels:- 20 MP

4. GoPro Session

GoPro Session is the best pocket camera for not-so-adventurous peeps. This is the smallest camera you will ever see. Though it has no screen you can always connect it with GoPro app on your mobile phone for specific framed pictures.

Best Travel Camera 2019

Sensor Size:- 1”-3.2”

Zooming Range:- 15-30mm

Weight:- 2.60 OZ

Megapixels:- 10 MP

5. GoPro Hero7

This is the Best pocket camera for the adventure seeker and capturer. With its waterproof case and touchscreen handles it becomes easier to shoot whatever and wherever you want. It has improvised video stabilization and a slow-mo video feature with 4k resolution.Best Travel Camera 2019

Sensor Size:- 1”-2.3”

Zooming Range:- 15-30mm

Weight:- 4.1 OZ

Megapixels:- 12 MP

6. Fujifilm XT2

The best part about the Fujifilm XT2 is its body with metal dials that make it easy to use and it also has a weather-sealed body. Plus it shoots 4K resolution video but it has less battery capacity and fewer focus points.

Best Travel Camera 2019Sensor Size:- APS-C (23.6 X 15.6 mm)

Zooming Range:- Various Lenses

Weight:- 17.88 OZ

Megapixels:- 24 MP

7. Panasonic Lumix ZS200/TZ200

The body of the Panasonic Lumix ZS200/TZ200 is the same as its previous models. Panasonic focused on increasing the sensor to give better quality images. It can shoot the 4K resolution video and it has 4K photo mode that allows you to click 8MP pictures. It is a little bit expensive but worthy it.Best Travel Camera 2019

Sensor Size:- 1”

Zooming Range:- 24-360mm

Weight:- 11.99 OZ

Megapixels:- 20.1 MP

8. Panasonic Lumix ZS50/TZ95

This model of Panasonic has proven that it is not necessary to carry the bigger cameras to click better quality images. It has a larger and higher resolution viewfinder. It can also shoot 4K videos.

Best Travel Camera 2019

Sensor Size:- 1”-2.3”

Zooming Range:- 24-720mm

Weight:- 8.57 OZ

Megapixels:- 20.3 MP

Best Travel Camera 2019

Source: supercamera.com.br

These were the Best Travel Camera to have for your trips this year. For more such ideas related to travel accessories or travel planning, visit Travelila.

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