Some Of The Best Beaches To Visit During The Month Of January

best beaches to visit in January

If you are a beach lover and whenever it comes to plan a holiday you cannot think of anything else besides holidays on beaches then you must be wondering about the beaches where you can go on the cold chilly season. There are some beaches around the world which becomes populated during winters and tourists around the world visit the beaches during the wintertime. If you also want to know about the best beaches to visit in January which is New Year time then here are some world’s famous beaches where you can spend your winter holidays with all the excitement:

Hawaii Island:

Hawaii Island: best beaches to visit in January


If you are someone who wants to skip the winter atmosphere then this beach is just for you. You would be amazed to know that the day temperature here in the place barely decreases from 80 degrees and in night time it remains around 70 degrees. It is the time when people gather on the island to see the whale as it is the time whale appears. You would also be able to spend some time with the island turtles and make sure to click lots of photos while you are on the island. Make sure to pre-book a resort as it becomes full this season. It would probably the best family vacation in January for you!

Pensacola Beach:

Pensacola Beach: best beaches to visit in January


People from all around the world visit this place during winters just to skip the winter weather of all around the world. Here the temperature hardly reaches out below 55 degrees though for the local residents of the place this weather is said to be cold but the temperature is far better than the chilly snowy northern weather. You can hike around the fort Pickens as well as in the bay of the kayak. You can even enjoy your beach time and surf in the ocean and gazing through seashore is something which you need to enjoy.

Grand Cayman:

Grand Cayman: best beaches to visit in January


The temperature of this island remains 80 degrees or something around that only so people around the world rush to this place and this is one of the famous as well as most popular beaches around the place are Caribean as well as seven miles beach. Here you would be able to enjoy some events as well as programs that take place on the beach. You can enjoy a spa in the place and do not forget to book a resort way before so that you don’t face any house full situation.

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Punta Gorda:

Punta Gorda: best beaches to visit in January


Here the temperature stays around 85 degrees and here you can enjoy so many activities. There is a fishing village where you can enjoy fishing and local people do fishing here in order to sell the fishes to support the living. The exotic seafood out there is something which you should not miss. Apart from the beach, you can also enjoy gazing at the waterfall of the Rio Blanco National Park. Roaming around the Maya ruins are something you would enjoy and that would fill you with all the peace of mind.

St. Martin and St. Maarten:

St. Martin and St. Maarten: best beaches to visit in January


There are many reasons which are enough to provoke you to be on this beach. There are more than 300 restaurants in the place where you can get some exotic food which you would love for sure. The place would serve you with total luxury and there are around 35 white sand beaches at the place.

The Bahamas:

The Bahamas: best beaches to visit in January


There are around 700 islands strings together and the direct sun ray makes the place warm throughout the year even during winters so if you are planning to skin the chilly cold sensations then you can give this place a shot. You can enjoy a variety of famous cocktails as well as fruit juice punches at this place and all these delicacies are being served at some wonderful restaurants of the place. And there are many places to visit in the Bahamas that will make your trip awesome!!


Honolulu: best beaches to visit in January


If you love to surf or that sort of sea sport then you can visit this place and January is the best time to enjoy surfing. Even if you are not into surfing much then also you can watch some excellent surfers surfing at the high waves. The atmosphere of the place is so soothing as well as full of positive vibes that you would definitely enjoy being there.

These were a few of the top-notch famous beaches around the world where you can visit during your New Year vacations in January. To explore more places keep visiting Travelila!!

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