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dubai hotels

Dubai is one of the most luxurious, expensive, and fashionable cities in the United Arab Emirates. Out of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, Dubai is the most populous city. This city acts both as a popular tourist destination to all people of the world and a global business hub. There are many things to do in Dubai like exciting enjoying the nightlife along excellent construction wonders astonishing the eyes of the beholders and much more. Here are some beautiful dubai hotels which gives you best experience.

The Middle East collects huge revenue from the import and export of oil that helps in the speedy development of the city. It has captivated the world by building its tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

To maintain a constant flow of cash, the Dubai government promotes tourism as part of its strategy. Ultra-modern shopping malls along with ancient architecture entices tourists globally. The construction industry is booming, where modern Islamic architecture is found.

It has many collection of skyscrapers and the latest addition is a hundred and fifty meters high the Dubai Frame. Considered the most expensive city to live in, Dubai has the second most costly and best hotels in the world. So in order to explore the city, one must stay in a lavish five-star hotel.

Some of the best hotels in Dubai, where one can accommodate himself, are mentioned below :

Burj Al Arab

dubai hotels: Burj Al Arab


It is the most exorbitant luxury hotel in Dubai and also on the list. The spot is well-deserving because of the sheer distinctive features of the hotel that are eye-catching, the moment one sees it. The hotel gives the impression of a giant sail rising and standing tall, acknowledging the city’s heritage of seafaring.

A construction genius, this hotel is creating on a different man-made island that connects through a curving causeway to the mainland. A grand feat of contemporary architecture, indeed, is a sight to behold. At night it is completely lit up in numerous colors that resonate throughout the hotel structure, making it no less than a magical structure.

The interiors of the hotel portray nothing but opulence where the atrium is surrounding by golden columns and vibrant colors. The stairs are of gold and thirty different kinds of marbles that lead to various suites. Inside the suites, the beds are perfectly fitting to a rotating pedestal so that the visitor can have a 360-degree view.

The windows touch the ceiling, oversized sofas adore the room. It has two pools outdoors, one of them being salty and attended by thirty-two butlers. The Wild Wadi Waterpark and the Madinat Jumeirah are in close vicinity of the hotel.

Atlantis, The Palm 

dubai hotels: The Palm 


Atlantis, the palm hotel deserves a second spot for its sheer charm and stunning beauty. The hotel is located on the western side of the Palm, which provides serenity and peace. The inconvenience of the location of the hotel is worth it when one considers the unhindered and spectacular views of the Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Beach Residence waterfront, only visible to residents of the luxury hotel.

The hotel has the color of sandstone and is designing by the Moorish and Andalusian stylings, in which lots of sharp geometric patterns used in the design, along with pavilions, fountains, and other features.

Despite the grandness of the hotel, it gives the impression of this hotel with 1500+ rooms and additional villas that are surrounding by lush greenery. However, all of the rooms are considering the largest rooms offered, in all of Dubai by any luxury hotel.

All the rooms have their own private balconies along with terraces, and the suites provide their own private plunge pools. The rooms significantly design in the cream and bronze color palette, along with a dark wood aesthetic. Here are you will explore the most luxurious dubai beach.

The bathroom tiles are imported specially from Italy and Spain and have been separately using for different divisions of the bathroom like showers, baths, and luxury toiletries. The fine dining of the hotel features a group of experienced staff members that have been once part of famous Michelin Starred restaurants of Paris.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

dubai hotels: Jumeirah Beach Hotel


The luxury hotel is located close to Burj Al Arab, on the beach across. The location of this five-star hotel is quite fortunate because it is within walking distance from Madinat Jumeirah,  one of the most famous and extravagant shopping centers and restaurants in Dubai.

Twenty-six-story hotels were built in 1997 and have been designed in the shape of breaking waves,  which can be taken as a compliment to the Burj Al Arab. The design is charming and modern, though it is not an eye-catcher as such. However, one can appreciate the fact that each and every single room has a sea and Burj Al Arab view.

This hotel is designing with a sleek and modernist aesthetic, with various amenities like on-site swimming pools and a whopping 21 restaurants to choose from. One can assure of the fact that one can have all kinds of experience in a single go; all of it is made available. There are top restaurants with well-known chefs that offer a complete English breakfast, British pub fare, and many other outlets to choose from.

The Raffles Dubai

dubai hotels: The Raffles Dubai


The luxury hotel is in Oud Metha in the center which isn’t either a fanciful or exciting location in Dubai. However, it is well connecting and is perfect for guests who prefer a little quiet and calm. In the close vicinity, one can go to the Sheikh Zayed Road malls, as well as walk to the Financial District of Dubai. Creekside Park is an attraction close to this lavish hotel.

It is well connecting to the airport just 15 minutes away. The hotel portrays an Egyptian inspiration and, hence, is shaped like the pyramids. It is not believing to be original and therefore won’t appeal to popular interests. The interiors of the hotel are more than a made-up for the drab exterior.

It is ornate and extravagant in design with Ottoman-style sofas and other furnishings that make one remember ancient Egypt. The rooms aren’t totally theme-based and all guests are offering a butler service for twenty-four hours. One of the most contemporary-looking rooms in the hotel is the Penthouse Suite, which features some Oriental accents.

Moreover, the hotel features a lot of handcrafted details, like the mashrabiya technique that is using on the doors and shutters of bathrooms. In addition to all of the above facilities, all the rooms are extremely spacious and have their own private terraces. The hotel staff is outstanding not to mention, they’re efficient and extremely discreet.

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The Ritz Carlton 

dubai hotels: The Ritz Carlton 


The extravagant multinational hotel is located in the heart of Dubai and is close to Gate Village, which is the sprawling and buzzing hub of Dubai’s cultural life and art that is, replete with modern art galleries and charming restaurants.

The hotel itself has a mixed bag of architectural influences, like the exterior of the hotel that features a limestone façade that is immediately noticeable while the courtyard inside the lavish hotel features waterfalls and fountain installations along with lush greenery.

The lobby, which has an Art Deco aesthetic, has ornate chandeliers hanging off the ceilings. The artworks lining the lobby walls are mostly contemporary and modernist. However, this mesh of influences works entirely in favor of this exquisite hotel.

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