8 Easy Yet Effective Digital Photography Tips: A Quick Guide For Beginners

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We all have a smartphone in our hands which gives us an impression to be a chic photographer. But even after having the finest megapixel of the camera and expensive handsets you can’t claim to be a photographer until your photos speak about your precision. So, if you are new to photography then have a look at these digital photography tips and travel photography ideas to add cheers to your photos when people look at them.

Choose Simple Backgrounds

Choose Simple Backgrounds: tips on digital photography

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In the world of photography, there is a belief called “Less is more”. Keeping this in mind choose simple backgrounds so that your subject becomes the focal point instead of the things going on behind them.

Use a Tripod

Use a Tripod: tips on digital photography

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When taking photos in low light the shutter is open for a longer time and it is not possible to stand completely still. Therefore, to avoid blurred photos at night try using a tripod to keep your camera steady.

Avoid Flash Indoors

 Avoid Flash Indoors: photography for beginners tips

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When taking pictures in artificial light or indoor try not to use the flash. It not only ends up over-exposing the subject but also makes the photo look unnatural. Use alternatives such as higher ISO or slower shutter speed instead.

Apply the Rule of Thirds

Apply the Rule of Thirds: photography tips

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One of the most common digital photography tips is “the rule of thirds”. This means that divide the screen into 9 segments using two horizontal and two vertical lines. Keep the subject a little bit to the right of the center square for the best effect. The things behind the subject stay in the upper two rows whereas the things in front appear in the bottom row. This trick gives one of the best photos in most scenarios.

Play with the Perspective

 Play with the Perspective: photography for beginners tips

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Don’t always follow the obvious perspective. i.e. the subject is in the center of the screen with the other things around them. Play with the perspective and choose a new angle to add a special flavor to your photo. For example, take a shot from a low angle to enhance the appearance of the photo.

Leading Lines

Leading Lines: photography tips for beginners

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The use of Leading lines adds a type of depth effect to the photo. The leading line includes photos with stairs or roads in the background leading away from the subject of the photos. This makes the subject pop out and gives stunning photos.

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Play with Exposure and ISO Settings

Play with Exposure and ISO Settings: digital photography tips

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Instead of resorting to using flash try changing the exposure and ISO settings to take the pictures at the night. Flash not only makes the photo look unnatural but might also result in a red-eye effect. So, change these settings to take a professional photo.

Don’t Use Digital Zoom

Don’t Use Digital Zoom: photography tips beginners

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Avoid zooming in at the subject unless you are using the optical zoom. Digital zoom just crops out the image and magnifies the pixels which lead to loss of details and pixelization of the images. This will degrade the quality of the images.

These photography tips can convert you from an amateur to a professional photographer and can help you freeze the memories in your cameras.

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