15 Amazing Tourist Attractions for Your Trip to Cambodia

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Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country that offers diverse geographic factors to allure tourists from all over the world. From the rugged mountains to the delta, low-lying plains merging with the coastline is a treat for travelers. Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is an amalgamation of history and modernism. Every little town, temple ruins, along with the cosmopolitan large cities, are worth a visit. Travelers can experience traditional ways of life, archaeological masterpieces to trekking and hiking through forests, and relaxing on the beach, including the short trip to Vietnam and Cambodia Destinations. Rich in its cultural heritage and somewhat mysterious past. It conjures up a magical land that appeals to the hungry souls of the globetrotter.

Charming Cambodia is a place for both casual and serious trippers. During the rainy season, this place is full of life. Cotton clouds bring monsoon rains. The lakes are filled with freshwater fish. The country comes together to celebrate the Water Festival which takes place in November.

Major Attractions

A guide to the most attractive places to visit in Cambodia is provided below :

Angkor Wat

cambodia destinations: Angkor Wat

Source: wikimedia.org

The first spot that comes to mind to visit is the famous Angkor Wat. Recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO, it covers an area of 400 square kilometers approximately. Many archaeological gems like the temples which date back to the Khmer Empire era stand untouched by the changing world. Along with the Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and Bayon are the most visited places.

The Royal Palace  

cambodia destinations: The Royal Palace  

Source: cloudfront.net

The Royal Palace stands tall with its shiny and glittering roofs and a majestic view. It is actually the residence of King Sihamoni. As a result, the residential part of the palace is closed from the public eye. The Silver Pagoda, which is its neighbor is breathtakingly beautiful surrounding by manicured gardens.

The National Museum 


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A visit to the museum is a must to know deeply about the culture and history of a place. The National Museum of Cambodia has huge collections of artifacts from the famous Khmer era.  Sculptures, ancient objects are present dating from the prehistoric era to the post-Angkorian era is intriguing.

Phnom Kule

cambodia destinations: Phnom Kule

Source: sonurai.com

Kulen mountain or more commonly known as Phnom Kulen is a national park and a religious place at the same time. It is popular among the Khmers when there is a sacred ritual to be performed at the temple located at the top of the hill. It is also home to stunning white waterfalls which act as picnic spots and Kbal Spean, a famous archaeological spot.

Banteay Srei Butterfly Centre

cambodia destinations: Banteay Srei Butterfly Centre

Source: justgola.com

Cambodia has lush greenery that hosts rich flora and fauna. This butterfly center has seen more than thirty species of butterflies here. Located in the Siem Reap province, it is considering one of the largest enclosed butterfly centers. Tourists can also be a part of the journey where the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Wat Phnom

cambodia destinations: Wat Phnom

Source: wikimedia.org

It is a well-maintained park where the visitors can have rest from the blazing heat of the capital. The pagoda in the middle of the well-manicured garden with intricately detailed designs is worth a visit. However, one must be aware of the presence of the monkeys.

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center

cambodia destinations: Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center

Source: justgola.com

Cambodia has a lot of plantation area which hosts rich wildlife. As a result, illegal traders and poachers are hunting wild animals rampantly. The animals rescued from these poachers, which includes monkeys, tigers, elephants, are brought to the center and nursed back to life.

Cambodian Living Arts

cambodia destinations: Cambodian Living Arts

Source: asianitinerary.com

If one is visiting Cambodia, he must experience the traditional living arts. Cambodia arranges for these cultural shows where artists perform traditional dance and music and theatre. The spectacular encounter between the audience and the artists take place in the back of the National Museum.

Cambodian Circus

cambodia destinations: Cambodian Circus

Source: nomadisbeautiful.com

The eye-opening performance is a complete mingling of acrobatics, music, dance, and circus which narrates the folktales from the Khmer Empire is often called the Cirque du Soleil of Cambodia.

Bokor Mountain 

cambodia destinations: Bokor Mountain 

Source: madmonkeyhostels.com

It is every bike lover’s dream to drive to the Bokor mountain from Kampot witnessing the mesmerizing scenic beauty. Along with refreshing weather and exceptional views, this place also has a Buddhist statue, a casino, and the Popokvil waterfall.

Crab Market In Kep

cambodia destinations: Crab Market In Kep

Source: sunkissedsuitcase.com

Cambodia is known for its mouth-watering seafood cuisines. A must visit the Crab Market in Kep, the famous dish of crab and pepper originated here and is a must-have for the authenticity of the cuisine. Crabs are caught in front of the tourists, cooked, and then served hot along with alcohol.

Phnom Sampeau

cambodia destinations: Phnom Sampeau

Source: sonyaandtravis.com

Located in the Battambang province, the pagoda at the top of the hill provides extraordinary visions.  There is a bat cave situated at the base of this place.

Bamboo Train

cambodia destinations: Bamboo Train

Source: straitstimes.com

One of the greatest attractions in Battambang is the Bamboo train. A bamboo train transfers passengers through a seven-kilometer-long road. A-frame made out of wood connect by an engine only was rumored to be dead. However, it will be rebuilt as it is one of the unique experiences Cambodia has to offer.

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cambodia destinations: Kratie

Source: imgix.net

A remote area in the eastern region is mine for those who love to do wildlife photography. The famous Mekong river flows through here while the Irrawaddy dolphins play in it. Giant turtles are found here conserved by the Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre.

Russian Market 

cambodia destinations: Russian Market 

Source: chrisglass.com

This place gives the tourists a glimpse of all the shops buzzing with visitors for traditional jewelry, dresses, household objects, and souvenirs. Half of the day can be spent here, wandering around.


Cambodia should be on the top of the bucket list for the sheer wonder it provides. It is best to visit the country from November to February when the climate is cool. The rainy season sees the least number of tourists. Transport is very easy to get. One of the major positive facts is the visa process is simple. Tourists can obtain it from the major airports.

I hope the above information would help you in your trip to Cambodia destinations, keep visiting Travelila to explore more places!!

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