12 Food Hub Spots In South America For A Delightful Meal

food hub spots

South American presents the best delicacies to the visitors providing them with unforgettable culinary experiences. From street foods to top class restaurants, South American food should be on every food lover’s bucket list. People visit France or Italy to experience their local cuisine but South America is an unlikely choice. It is mostly known as an amazing adventure travel destination, but not for its cuisine. However, it should be as it offers some of the lip-smacking treats. It is home to the best culinary destinations on the earth where different countries with deeply ingrained food cultures influence tourists from across the globe.

If you are a food lover, you should immediately head to  South America to try out all the famous dishes. Some of the best foods in South America are listed below:

Arroz con pato, Peru

Arroz con pato, Peru: food hub spots

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Arroz con patois a dish that clearly draws influence from China, France, and Spain. In other words, it is northern Peru’s answer to the famous paella. Paella is essentially a dish consisting of rice cooked in stock with vegetables and plenty of coriander. It is served with a confit or a roasted duck leg. This delicious dish is hugely popular in the city of Chiclayo.

Asado, Argentina

Asado, Argentina: food hub spots

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The local dish Asado or in simpler English barbecue is an important part of the Argentinians. The place of football and fashion, Argentina offers the best barbecues. Each and every household has a parrilla, the traditional grill, and an asador,  the person in charge of preparing and cooking. An Argentinian Asado is an all day long feast, to the food lover’s delight, that has to be experienced to be believed.

Churrasco, Brazil

Churrasco, Brazil: food hub spots

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What to do is to Argentina, churrasco is to Brazilians. This football-loving country has the wood-fired festival of meat that the local people love. It is not very uncommon in restaurants or even in the backyards of the houses. Brazilians are meat-loving people, so if you are in a restaurant a huge selection of different kinds of meats are offered. You may be lost soon as each item is tastier than the other. So give your taste buds a treat by tasting some mouth-watering meats.

Saltines, Bolivia

Saltines, Bolivia: food hub spots

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These are actually pastries similar to the empanada that is filled with a soup-like gravy. These Bolivian treats were named after another city of Argentina called Salta. Though unlikely, this typical Bolivian food is an experience itself.

Chicharrones, Peru

Chicharrones, Peru: food hub spots

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Peru finds itself again on the list because of Chicharrones. It is another treat offered by Peru. Chicharrones can be of different types and forms depending on the places. In some places, they are crumbled and fried fish, fried squid, or pork sandwiches. In other places, they are pork rinds that are cooked on pork fat. A visit to  Peru is a must just for its variety of delicacies.

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Arepas, Colombia

Arepas, Colombia: food hub spots

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Arepas is a staple dish of Colombia that is served with egg, cheese, a spicy mince, sweet corn, or a combination of the above-mentioned items. First, the dough is prepared and then flattened into pancakes. These pancakes are then fried and filled with all sorts of tasty local items found in Colombia.

Causa, Peru

Causa, Peru: food hub spots

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Peru makes the list for the third time because of its amazing cuisine. Causa is actually a dish made of mashed potatoes. It is generally served with seafood. The presentation has to be perfect as the dish needs a number of layers. The dish may appear simple but it involves two of Peru’s key ingredients.

Acreage, Brazil

Acreage, Brazil: food hub spots

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This spicy street food delicacy can only be founded in the northern state of Bahia. The food is instantly handed over by the vendors after being prepared. It’s best to taste it while it is piping hot. Acreage is actually a deep-fried cake made up of mashed black-eyed peas that are filled with a spicy paste of prawns and ground cashews.  This mouthwatering dish needs to be on your list of most tasty street foods.

Aji de gallina, Peru

Aji de gallina, Peru: food hub spots

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The Peruvian cuisine offers Aji de gallina to its visitors who want to have an idea of the local cuisine. It is a stew of chicken shredded into small pieces,  cooked with yellow potatoes and the key ingredient “Aji Amarillo”, a yellow Peruvian chili, along with other spices. It is best when served with rice.

Ceviche, Peru

Ceviche, Peru: food hub spots

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Your Peruvian cuisine marathon remains incomplete without the classic Peruvian dish. Ceviche is raw seafood in citrus juice.  The juice helps to incorporate the freshness of the seafood. It also comes with the crunchy fried corn, and the main flavor of the dish is provided by a little aji Amarillo. This classic dish is available in any coastal region in Peru.

Patagonian lamb, Argentina

Patagonian lamb, Argentina: food hub spots

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This is the ultimate lamb dish where an entire lamb is stretched out on a wooden cross and cooked slowly in a fire. A glass of wine just makes the dish more perfect.

Lecuona, Colombia

Lecuona, Colombia: food hub spots

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Lechon too is a dish where an entire pig is stuffed with rice, onions, peas, and other vegetables. It is then slow-roasted in a brick oven for 10 hours. The locals along with the tourists are obsessed with Lechon.
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