12 Amazing Holiday Destinations: Escape to the Best of North America

north american destinations

If you will get a chance to visit North America, then it is going to be the best adventure of your life. North America is a brilliant destination to visit. There are many great places in North America which you can discover in your own way as a solo traveller. The adventurous road trips are perfect for the enthusiasts. North America is no doubt a great destination for the family vacation. Destinations in the US are the best attraction for the family vacations. These places are recognized as safe travel spots. There are many North America destinations where you can go and enjoy your holidays

  • New York City:

north american destinations

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New York City is in everyone’s list. There is a different charm of the city. There are many places to visit in New York City. You cannot complete in a single visit. First and foremost the Statue of Liberty is there. The adjacent Ellis Island is the best place to visit. Apart from these, there are many places like Battery Park, Federal Hall, Wall Street (the famous bull), Trinity Church, World Trade Centre, Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall. Times Square is another one and it always packed with the people. There are many things like crazy foods and Broadway shows which tourists can enjoy thoroughly.

  • Washington D.C:

north american destinations

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This is the interesting place and it is the capital of the country. The Mall is at the heart of the town and it is one of the famous monuments and memorials. Then there is Abraham Lincoln Memorial at the west end of The Mall. Vietnam Veteran Memorial is one of the great structures to visit. The World War II Memorial is also there to revisit the history of the nation. The Washington Monument is known as The Pencil is the most recognizable structures. Not only are these but there many places you can visit in Washington D.C.   

  • Boston:

north american destinations

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Boston is one of the coolest places in USA. The rich history, beautiful architecture, friendly people and the public green spaces are enough to attract you towards this city. The Skywalk Observatory is a must visited place on a sunny day. The crystal clear view of 360 degrees of the entire city is the amazing one. Beacon Hill is one of the most charming places in Boston. The place is quite expensive also. The Boston Common is the city park in Boston which is very old. The place is the perfect one for the hangout. You can also take a ride on the iconic swan boat.

  • Quebec City:

north american destinations

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Quebec is the historical place. Old Quebec has played a very important role in the province and the country. It is a well maintained and charming historic district. Place Royale is the most important social centres of the city. Terrasse Dufferin is one of the most popular sights. There are so many adventurous places in Quebec. The city has so much culture in it.

  • Wailea, Hawaii:

north american destinations

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The city is perfect for the holiday location. The city is so beautiful that you want to go there again and again. There are five stunning beaches in the city. You do not need to take pressure about living there. There are so many luxurious resorts where you can stay like a king or queen. The world-class food and the beautiful sights are so charming for the travellers. The foods are awesome. You cannot ignore that part. The Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve is near about the city. The smell of the sea and the marvellous weather attract many travellers towards the city.

  • Fort Lauderdale, California:

north american destinations

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It offers wild beaches and excellent sea-foods. This is the perfect place for vacation and relaxation. One can chill on the beautiful beaches and take the sunbath as long as they want. The foods and the drinks are amazing to spend your holiday.

  • Sedona, Arizona:

north american destinations

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The marvellous views and the breath-taking scenario are enough to attract the travellers. The place has special positive vibes. The colour of the sky is like a painting. It seems unreal too. The Cathedral rock is the most famous landmark in Sedona. The Devil’s Bridge is another hike for the adventure freak people. The place is truly beautiful.

  • Victoria, British Colombia:

north american destinations

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Victoria is the capital of British Colombia. It is Canada’s most English cities. The natural scenario is spectacular. The buildings in this city are influenced by the European culture. You can take a ride on the Victoria Harbour Ferries. The Ogden Point Breakwater, Ross Bay Cemetery, Beacon Hill Park and Royal Victoria Golf Course are main points in Victoria. This is no doubt a beautiful location.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota:

north american destinations

Source : groupmissiontrips.com

Autumn is the perfect season to visit the place. The place is very entertaining and interesting. The international and regional foods are marvellous. The scenic beauty is awesome. The beautiful light house and the rugged boundary waters in Duluth are the perfect places to visit.

  • Hamilton, Ontario, Canada:

north american destinations

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Hamilton is the port city of Canada. Kenora is the perfect boating destination. Toronto is the beautiful place. There are many activities around the city which kids will love to play.

  • Bar Harbour, Maine:

north american destinations

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There you can get wild blueberries in the Bar Harbour. There is Acadia National Park in Bar Harbour. There are museums, lighthouses and many more places to visit. The music festivals are awesome and it attracts the tourist.

  • Churchill, Canada:

north american destinations

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You can get a chance to see the polar bears in Churchill. The place is like an adventure spot. There you can get the best views of whales. The sparkling water is the main attraction for the travellers.

There are many places to visit in North America. The places have marvellous scenic beauty and the great architectures are as well as nice. North America is the superb holiday destination for the travellers. The people are so friendly in nature. The foods and liquors are good enough to enjoy the holiday mood.  

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