10 Amazing And Affordable Winter Vacations Ideas

affordable winter vacations

When it is almost the month of December, the two things that come up most in our mind- Christmas and vacations. After hectic year office schedules and business tours, at the end of the year, everyone wants to spend their quality time with family and friends and a nice vacation as a cherry on the top. Also, you need to think about the pocket pinch so we have come up with some awesome and affordable winter vacation places, which you can check out. These are some best places to travel.. 

You can fly high and make your snowy dreams come true without feeling the pressure of gadgets this New Year. All you have to do is go through this article and choose wisely.

California ( San Diego)

affordable winter vacations: California ( San Diego)

Source: worldtravelguide.net

There are a lot of wrong conceptions of the trip to California were very expensive during new years. If your eyes are in the beautiful city of San Diego, then you should know that you really can afford to spend your January evenings in this place. If you and your family are not looking for a beach-like atmosphere then you should definitely give it a try. Lodgings are very affordable where you can book a hotel, which will charge you $50- $200 approximately. Well, this seems like a very fair deal where you can enjoy the beautiful scenario and decide whether you want to stay near the city center or not.

New Mexico, Santa Fe

affordable winter vacations: New Mexico, Santa Fe

Source: cdn.audubon.org

If you want to spend your hard-earned money we are on a very precious and culturally enriched vacation this winter then you should definitely choose Santa Fe. Written possesses almost 250 art galleries that borrow the enriched legacy of their heritage. If you want to experience Native American history with a closer view then you should definitely think seriously about choosing a selfie as your next travel destination. It is not every day did you get to live in such a beautiful city and just pay 160 $ at a hotel( approx).

Washington, D. C

affordable winter vacations: Washington, D. C

Source: pronetsweb.com

The name attracts Travellers from across the world who want to experience the most historically enriched spot. Along with the name there comes alarm misconception that many cannot afford to dream about such a holiday. But in reality, this is not the truth. Many iconic places in Washington DC do not charge a penny for visiting. The approximate costing in the hotels has been calculated as 115 dollars. So so, if you had written this place in your bucket list, this new year is a time to tick it off. Book your tickets and get ready to spend your best holiday in Washington DC.


affordable winter vacations: Panama

Source: panamaequity.com

It is known by only a few know that Panama has awesome warm weather to offer to its visitors during winters. You can get sunbathe and lounge leisurely.  What comes as a golden opportunity is everything you can have at a cost of 40dollars per night. If you are disgusted with overcrowded beaches and want to spend your leisure holidays alone then this is the place. Enjoy the time doing Scuba Diving and surfing and a lot of fun activities. The mesmerizing view of the skyline melting into the sea level and the striking orange shade of the structures in the city make it a painting-like atmosphere.

Las Vegas

affordable winter vacations: Las Vegas

Source: simpleviewcms.com

Las Vegas can turn on anyone simply with its name. It is a city of lights and fun where you can go and forget about anything else. Drool in the parties comma or enjoy a nice cocktail on the rooftop pools. You can even try your luck at the most famous casinos in the world, and if-if he was you will come to a millionaire with your spare time. The luxurious looks of the city are not at all equivalent to the hotel costs, you can get a room at a very affordable rate of $200 per night. If you are that lucky, you may spot your favorite superstar in summers of very famous halls here. So to spend your next Christmas in a more scandalous red city then the places of Las Vegas is waiting for you. Grab your tickets and reach the historically famous town logo of Vegas.


affordable winter vacations: Bahamas

Source: royalcaribbean.com

Well if you did not like all the ideas above then you can take a look at the Bahamas where $100 is enough to spend the night at a  luxurious hotel. The Bahamas is the most famous place for snorkeling, surfing, and also windsurfing. The water sports rare like a rejuvenating experience for each and every Traveller who comes here to get refresh and get rid of their stress. You can even try a bike or sell in a kayak or catamaran and you don’t have to spend a single dollar for that, isn’t it great? So what are you waiting for just book your tickets and pack your bags, the Bahamas is waiting for you?

Montego Bay,  Jamaica

affordable winter vacations: Montego Bay,  Jamaica

Source: simpleviewcms.com

Do not mix up Jamaica especially Montego Bay along with other parts of the Caribbean which are very much expensive from the month of December. Here you don’t need to think about your bills as you can get a room for a night and only pay $30 for it. Which multiple PC is to try and a beach scenario to enjoy, this place can definitely make it to your winter vacation list. So get ready to lounge in the famous Rose Hall Beach at night and spend days full of activity doing water sports.


affordable winter vacations: Barbados

Source: imgix.net

With the change in the routes, getting to Barbados has become cheaper than ever. Longing for a spa beside the South coast Mediterranean? Barbie dolls have everything to offer along with affordable resorts and reasonable eateries for the visitors. So if you are a fitness freak, then you can definitely consider Barbados as a good pocket-friendly option for your next winter vacation.


affordable winter vacations: Spain

Source: cdn.tourradar.com

If you are planning to stay in Europe during your next Christmas vacation but hesitating because of the chill, Spain has a surprise to offer. The hero you can enjoy the lovely weather even during the winters and also visit most of the part of this country having a similar temperature. Amazing road trips, beautiful valleys, and quite a number of beautiful beaches are what you can expect from Spain. The prices of the hotels are very much reasonable compared to the rest of Europe.

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Venice,  Italy

affordable winter vacations: Venice,  Italy

Source: azamaraclubcruises.com

Spend your most romantic days in Venice during the winters, when you can expect extremely comfortable weather. You can skip the crowd of the tourist during this time of the year and also save at hotel rates. Capture your beautiful moments amidst the picture-perfect cityscape or devour some of the best Italian cuisines. If all these are appearing enticing to you then you can definitely start making plans for this place.

Vacations are always about fun, leisure, and luxury and if all these come to you had at an affordable price what can get better? So you can choose from the above-discussed places the most affordable winter vacations for the upcoming year.

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